VRBRAIN 4 – 4.5 – 5 autopilot system


VRBRAIN  autopilot system  is a versatile UAV system based around the VRBRAIN multipurpose board loaded with a 32 bit version of Arducopter  firmware and a  ground station based on Mission Planner software . The autopilot controls the multicopter during flight using internal gyroscopes, accelerometers, and other electronic components. Flight missions are created using Mission Planner on your ground station and loaded onto the autopilot. Once the copter is placed in autonomous mode, the autopilot receives location data from the GPS module and executes the mission script. For safety, a radio control (RC) receiver is connected to the APM to allow for manual control using an RC transmitter.
System Components

  • VRBRAIN autopilot board loaded with the latest version of  Arducopter 32 firmware
  • Mission Planner software – gives you an easy point-and-click setup/configuration, along with a full-featured ground control interface
  • A suitable vehicle for your mission
  • Other useful options: e.g. data radios, which allow two-way wireless telemetry and control between the vehicle and your computer.

The VRBRAIN autopilot control board include:

  • 168Mhz ARM CortexM4F microcontroller with DSP and floating-point hardware acceleration.
  • 1024KiB of flash memory, 192KiB of RAM.
  • MEMS accelerometer and gyro, magnetometer and barometric pressure sensor.
  • 8 RC Input standard PPM , PPMSUM , SBUS
  • 8 RC Output at 490 hz
  • 1 integrated high speed data flash for logging data
  • 1 Can bus 2 i2c Bus
  • 3 Serial port available one for GPS 1 for serial option 1 for serial telemetry.
  • 3 digital switch (ULN2003).
  • Jtag support for onboard realtime debugger.
  • 1 Buzzer output.
  • 1 Input for control lipo voltage
  • Physical Dimension 6×4 cm

NEWS (2014-05-13):

3.1.16 has been released

There has been a new release for the stable 3.1 version.

This release adds SBUS support and Hybrid mode and fixes a few PPMSUM bugs.

Please be sure to save, reset and then reload your params.

Follow this link to download


3.2-01 (beta) has been released.

This is the first beta of the 3.2 APM:Copter release.

It includes EKF and Hybrid loiter.

Follow this link to download : here

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