New 3.1.3-alpha firmware in download section

Today the 3.1.3-alpha was released in the Firmware 3.0 download page.

This release adds

  • New 1KHz sensor update for the MPU6000 (gyro and accels run 5 times faster).
    • This enables us to have 10 samples averaged for every main stabilization loop. In the next release we will slightly increase loop speed up to 200Hz or 250Hz
  • Increase gyro sensitivity to 1000 degree per second compared to the old 2000 dps.
    • The MPU6000 has a full scale range selectable of 250,500,1000 and 2000 dps(degree per second). The default has been lowered to 1000dps this give more sensitivity the the stabilization algorithm. The vibrations, though, should be reduced at minimum for better performance.
  • Corrected LED behaviour so one the the two leds replicates GPS status (LED_MODE 123)
    • PIN 11 and 12 now represent ARMING and GPS if the LED_MODE in full parameters is set to 123. LEDs blink when waypoint is reached.
  • Corrected relay and daflash pin mode.Relay now can be used by selectin the right pin (LED PIN) in the config.h 
  • Re-Written input and output functions so they use internal ARM functionality for PWM input (radio) and output (ESC)
  • Many changes to internal scheduler so that now it runs functions in a much more consistent way
  • Updates to the official APM:Copter 3.1 repository

This is still an alpha version, so please use with caution. Make all preflight tests and be safe for first flights.

If you have any problems please use this group to post your questions and get answers:!forum/vrbrain-dev


Please visit this page for more information on the download.

The VirtualRobotix Team.

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