New Firmware 3.1.12-rc7 in download section

Update in 3.1.12-rc7

  • Reworked analog driver for better performance
  • Reworked I2C driver to allow External Mag. External Mag can be connected to output 7 & 8 with appropriate firmware (VRBRAIN_xxx_EXT_MAG) still not released.
  • Update to SPI driver to allow External IMU to be attached to SPI connector on board 4.5
  • update to latest 3.1rc7 of APM:Copter

Please upgrade to this release following this link.

This release is mainly an update to the official APM:Copter 3.1rc7 release.

The main changes regarding VRBRAIN code are related to I2C and SPI drivers that will allow us in the near future to connect an External IMU (gyro, accel and mag) using the SPI connector on the 4.5 board or to connect an External Magnetometer to the secondary I2C.

These features are still not available to users as they are under testing.

If you want to contribute or test latest revisions please follow the instructions on how to build and upload the code yourself.

For any special requests or to suggest improvements, please contact me at e.castelnuovo [at]

Have fun and fly safe!


The VirtualRobotix Team

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