Lipo battery monitor

VRBRAIN has a built in voltage sensor, in the form of a voltage divider circuit connected to an analog input pin on the processor. You can enable this measurement in the Mission Planner in order to measure your battery voltage and transmit this info to Ground Control Station thru MAVLINK telemetry.


Voltage and current monitor.


To monitor battery voltage connect the + cable from your batetry to the 3d central pin of the OUTPUT side of the board.

Supported voltage monitor is up to 6S (30 volts).

While voltage monitor does not need any other tool, for current monitoring you need a special cable with a current monitor chip.

Like this:

In Mission Planner verify that the parameters:

  • BAT_VOLT_PIN = 10
  • BAT_CURR_PIN = 11
  • BAT_VOLT_MULTY = 10.1
  • BAT_MONITOR = 3 for voltage only and 4 for voltage and current


  • Connect LIPO voltage to one of Lipo Voltage pins (10, 11 or 12)


  • Enable voltage measurement pins in Mission Planner – Advanced Parameter List setting
    • With Firmware version 3.2-NuttX:
      BATT_MONITOR = 3
      BATT_VOLT_PIN = 10
    • With FW version 3.1.x and 3-2 without NuttX:
      BATT_MONITOR =  3
      BATT_VOLT_PIN = 6


  • Calibrate Voltage Monitor using a multimeter; measure the output voltage of your battery, from balancing-port cable wires, and enter that in the “Measured battery voltage” field.


  • The “Battery voltage (Calc’d)” data is what will be displayed in your Mission Planner Flight Data screen.


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