Compiling VR Brain Code

ArduCoper/ArduPlane/APMrover with NuttX (RTOS) for VR Brain (available for VR Brain 4.5 and higher)

Follow this link for compiling and building your own firmware

Arducopter32 source code for VR Brain (available until VR Brain 4.5)

For compiling and building your own firmware from Arducopter32 source you need to download and install the development tools.

Once you’ve installed development tools then you can follow these steps in order to compile your own version of Arducopter32 for VR Brain

  • Import the VRBRAIN project in VR-Universal-IDE (Eclipse):
  1. Start Eclipse
  2. Go to File–>Import–>Git–>Projects from Git–>URI
  3. Insert these values:
  4. URI:
  5. All other necessary fields will autocomplete
  6. leave user and password blank unless you need to commit
  7. Click on Next–> select all –> Next
  8. In the destination directory choose your vr-universal-ide workspace directory (eg. C:\vr-universal-ide\workspaces\UF4_AP)
  9. Click Next and wait until all objects have downloaded
  10. Select “Import Existing Project” and press Next
  11. Select the project and click Finish.
  • Now close all other projects Using right button of mouse->close project.
  • You should have something similar in your project Explorer:

Acquisizione a schermo intero 27012013 230310

  • Click with right mouse button on the project name and select “Build Project”
  • If Build succedes you will find in the build directory a file named laserlab_MP32V1F4.hex
  • Use the dfu file manager in Programs->ST Microelectronics->DFU File manager to convert the HEX in DFU and then follow the instruciotns to upload the firmware here
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