Software and drivers

This page will contain all the tools and drivers to use and take full advantage of the VRBRAIN.

Please follow instructions on how to use them in the relative sections.

Windows Drivers for VRBRAIN 5, VR microBrain and VRBRAIN 4.5 with NuttX and SD card.

Please install these drivers for your VRBrain.


Double click on the and choose the destination directory (eg. c:\vrubrain).

Once unzipped go to the folder just created and double click on:

DPInstx64.exe for all windows with 64bit operating system.

DPInstx86.exe for all windows with 32bit operating system.

In case you don’t know, choose the 32bit version.


ST Virtual Com Port Drivers.

These drivers are used to connect your Board via USB. It is used primarly to connect to Mission Planner via USB for initial setup and log downloads.

Follow this link to download from ST website


DfuSe Demonstrator: This tool will enable you to upload new firmwares and backup existing ones on your board.

There is also another tool called DFU File Manager, useful to create a DFU after you manually compile with Eclipse.

Follow this link to download from ST website

Bootloader for VRBRAIN with microSD card reader

Download the bootloader.bin file for your board:

VRBRAIN 5.1: bootloader.bin

VRBRAIN 5.2: bootloader.bin

VRμBRAIN: bootloader.bin

Please follow the guide on this link to correctly upload the bootloader.

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