Version 3.1


This is an old release!
Please use the latest version that you can find in the download section.



This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.



Operating a powered vehicle of any kind can be a lot of fun. However, nothing will ruin your day at the park more quickly than an accident or running afoul of the law. Since we want you to have a great experience, please make sure that you do all of the following:

  • Operate within all local laws and regulations. For example, in the United States, current regulations require you to operate most UAVs under 400 foot above ground level, within line of site, and away from obstructions and populated areas. Since these regulations vary from place to place, even within the same country, ensure that you understand what you need to do to stay compliant.
  • Never operate the vehicle or software in a way that could be dangerous to you, other people, or property. Propellers, while rotating, could easily cut you; if a UAV fell on a person or object, it could cause a lot of pain and damage; a UAV caught in power lines could cause an outage for many people. As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
  • Always keep in mind that software and hardware failures happen. Although we design our products to minimize such issues, you should always operate with the understanding that a failure could occur at any point of time and without warning. As such, you should take the appropriate precautions to minimize danger in case of failure.
  • Never use the software or hardware for manned vehicles. The software and hardware we provide is only for use in unmanned vehicles.
  • Never use USB serial connection with propeller and lipo connected the usb is only for parameter setting is not safe to use for fly test, for telemetry use ttl cable or radio modem.
  • You don't use motor compass calibration with usb and doing that kind of calibration only in ultra safe condition, with the possibility to cut the lipo power fix to a heavy object your drone with a rope and stay away until cutt of power.

This is a beta testing firmware.

Latest stable build is 3.1-15 released 2014-04-10 

To follow all the new releases and if you want to get involved in the development of the code you can join the dev list at google code:!forum/vrbrain-dev


Please help us improve by reporting any problems or suggestions.

Please refere to ChangeLog for release notes: ReleaseNotes.txt

These are the release notes specific for VRBRAIN. Please read carefully:

Update in 3.1.16

  • Added Hybrid mode compatible with Mission Planner 1.3.1 (use mode 16 in flight modes or get latest Mission Planner).
  • Added SBUS support (needs a special cable see this link).
  • PPMSUM bug fix and improvements.
  • Added motors led blink on low battery.
  • Flash Datalogs download via Mission Planner.
  • Enable output channels 9 to 12 when using SBUS or PPMSUM with internal MAG, or 9 and 10 when using SBUS and PPMSUM with external MAG connected to output 7 and 8.

Update in 3.1.15

  • Update to official APM:Copter release 3.2.
  • Fixed Altitude hold.
  • Fixed Follow me mode.
  • Faster arming sequence.
  • Fixed channel override when using ground station to control the drone.
  • Motor leds now don’t need any configuration. Led1 is for Arm, Led2 is for GPS.

Update in 3.1.13-final

  • Update to official APM:Copter release 3.1 final.
  • Added Radio failsafe on power loss. This enables to set up failsafe if the receiver looses power or brakes in air.

Update in 3.1.12-rc7

  • Reworked analog driver for better performance.
  • Reworked I2C driver to allow External Mag. External Mag can be connected to output 7 & 8 with appropriate firmware (VRBRAIN_xxx_EXT_MAG) still not released.
  • Update to SPI driver to allow External IMU to be attached to SPI connector on board 4.5.
  • Update to latest 3.1rc7 of APM:Copter.

For any special request please refer to  e.castelnuovo [AT]


Software download links

– This is link where you can found all revisions of Arducopter32 x.x.x for VRBrain check the release note for more info:

– This is the link where you can find lastest revisions of mission planner.


NEW 3.1.16

External GPS (UBLOX):
This release is for people connecting the GPS on the External RAIL next to the INPUTS

With External compass:

Connected to the internal rail or to the GPS internal port:
This release is good also for the 4.5 version of the board which has an internal port to connect the 3DR UBLOX or Mediatek GPS.

With External compass:


OLD 3.1.15 a.k.a. 3.1.2

External GPS (UBLOX):
This release is for people connecting the GPS on the External RAIL next to the INPUTS

Internal GPS (MEDIATEK or UBLOX) connected to the internal rail or to the GPS internal port:
This release is good also for the 4.5 version of the board which has an internal port to connect the 3DR UBLOX or Mediatek GPS.


Special thanks to:

Luciano Zanchi (TermicOne) for his wonderful work on documentation and testing.

Marco Robustini the nr.1 PILOT for his great skills and videos.

TommILeo for his contribution on the firmware.

LaserNav s.r.l. for the great work on the VRBRAIN hardware.

and last but not least:

Roberto Navoni the BOSS!

25 comments on “Version 3.1
  1. Luca Radici says:

    Oggi faccio l’aggiornamento del firmware. ;o)

  2. Luca Radici says:

    PS: aggiorna i links dei vari download perchè puntanto ancora sulla 3.0.2 invece che sulla 3.0.3

  3. Grazie Emile per gli allineamenti!

  4. Enrico says:

    Ciao a tutti e complimenti per il grande lavoro!
    Ne approfitto per una dritta. Con la versione 3.0.x non viene piu’ ‘visto’ il mio GPS esterno (UBLOX LEA-6 su board hextronix da HobbyKing) collegato tramite il connettore sulla VRBrain.
    Tutto regolare, invece, con la 2.9.x.
    E’ normale? Come posso risolvere?

    Grazie, enrico

    • Ciao Enrico!
      Devi usare la versione di Firmware VRBRAIN_3.xx_INT_GPS
      La 2.9 ha di default il GPS impostato sul connettore interno, ed era possibile modificare con un parametro la posizione.
      La 3.xx per come è fatto il codice necessita di due compilazioni diverse, da qui le due versioni differenti.

      • Enrico says:

        Ehm… in effetti rileggendo la quick stat guide si notano le due opzioni.
        Grazie, e.

  5. Rino Orlando says:

    MA… la 3.0.3 e’ ancora in alpha???? … oppure e’volabile senza grossi rischi???

  6. Luca Radici says:

    Non vi sono ancora i link per la 3.0.1?

  7. Roberto says:

    Ho caricato il firmware 3.0.3 ma sul terminal è indicato 3.0.2 qualcuno ha dimenticato di aggiornare…. ma come si fa…?
    Grazie per l’impegno e la disponibilità ma è meglio non farli questi errori.

  8. Enrico says:

    Ciao, io uso una radio Turnigy 9x e temo di avere i problemi di latenza segnalati sulla frsky possibile?
    Pensavo che le uscite pwm fossero tute uguali, a cosa e’ attribuibile il problema? Sw o hw?
    Grazie, e

  9. blurex says:

    Azz…per ublox lea-6h con connettore proprietario a 6 pin e porta usb ed esacottero……….quale file va caricato??

  10. Giovanni Trentini says:

    Uso la TG9X pure io con la 3.1-DEV e non ho problemi di latenza. Li ho avuti in passato con il FW 3.0 (forte latenza sullo yaw) ed ho dovuto installare la versione specifica per frsky sebbene abbia il ricevitore turnigy, ma Emile ha sistemato la cosa qualche tempo fa.

  11. Li Shaobin says:

    Great work.

  12. Amit says:

    every time i start the quad i have to do compass calibration, does any one know why is that?

    • Hello, you should provide a few more details.
      The calibration is stored in the EEPROM, so if it is a EEPROM failure you probably would see no parameters saving.
      For a first test try reformatting the EEPROM doing from CLI a setup–>erase or setup–>reset and reboot.
      Let me know.

  13. Paulo says:


    I’ve tried to use the version 3.1.17 (with external GPS and Compass) but compass readings always show 180 degree (when the drone is facing north, it is indicating south) and when doing missions he keeps diving straight down toward the floor. I’ll try to understand what is going on and report back.
    Remember to redo your compass calibration after setting up new compass!

    • External compass chip is placed in a different position in respect to the one on the board.
      Please try setting the parameter COMPASS_ORIENT to 12 (PITCH180) in the full parameter list.
      To enable the full parameter list in Mission Planner, you need to enable advanced view in the planner setting.
      Let me know.


      • Paulo says:


        I already noticed that the PITCH180 would fix it, but since with external GPS it uses ROLL180 (ate least it did on the previous versions) I thought it was strange.
        I will try it and will reply with results.
        Just an heads up, the version 3.1.15 is not available for download (it gives Server Eroor) and even the old versions it would be good to keep a database with all of them? If there is any please tell me.


    • Paulo says:

      Hello again,

      I’ve tested with the PITCH 180 and indeed it worked. I was having problems with the barometer, as the module in my VrBrain was defective. Other than that, it seems to work fine when I replaced for another VrBrain.
      Unfortunately, I was unable to calibrate the motor effect on the compass (COMPASSMOT) but it may be due to other problems, so I won’t blame the firmware just yet :p
      I’ll do more test and if I find out what is going on, I’ll report back.
      Thanks for the help.


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