Installing and compiling the code

Ok, this tutorial will help you install all the software needed to compile on your own the VRBRAIN firmware.

Follow these instructions carefully, and you will have no problems:

  1. Download the VR-Universal-IDE from The IDE is split into 8 rars so be sure to have winrar installed (
  2. Unrar (unzip) all the 8 files in C:\ or in any other root folder (eg. D:\ E:\ G:\ etc…)
    FolderView 1272013 95809 PM
  3. Open Eclipse that is located in C:\vr-universal-ide\eclipse\
  4. Choose the C:\vr-universal-ide\workspaces\UF4_AP folder as your workspace
    Input Capture Window 27012013 221943
  5. Install updates (Help->Ceck for updates)
  6. Install GIT for windows if you don’t have a git client yet:  mysysgit is a good option .
  7. Import the VRBRAIN project:
    1. Go to File–>Import–>Git–>Projects from Git–>URI
    2. Insert these values:
    3. Click on Next–> select all –> Next
    4. In the destination directory choose your vr-universal-ide workspace directory (eg. C:\vr-universal-ide\workspaces\UF4_AP)
    5. Click Next and wait until all objects have downloaded
    6. Select “Import Existing Project” and press Next
    7. Select the project and click Finish.
  8. Now close all other projects Using right button of mouse->close project.
  9. You should have something similar in your project Explorer:
    Acquisizione a schermo intero 27012013 230310
  10. Click with right mouse button on the project name and select “Build Project”
  11. If Build succedes you will find in the build directory a file named laserlab_MP32V1F4.hex

  12. Use the dfu file manager in Programs->ST Microelectronics->DFU File manager to convert the HEX in DFU and then follow the instruciotns to upload the firmware here



2 comments on “Installing and compiling the code
  1. Giovanni says:

    I followed the instructions of the tutorial, but at the end of the build I get the following error message:

    wirish / Print.cpp: In member function ‘void Print :: printFloat (double, uint8)’:
    wirish / Print.cpp: 213:19: error: ‘abs’ was not declared in this scope
    make: *** [build /. / wirish / Print.o] Error 1

    In addition, this error when opening Print.cpp:

    Symbol ‘CHAR_BIT’ could not be resolved Print.cpp / ACopter32-STM32F4/wirish line 174 Semantic Error

    Any suggestions?

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