Quick Start Guide

  1. Getting Started: Introducing VR Brain in order to know your UAV system components.
  2. Assembly: Connecting autopilot and GPS module to your copter.
  3. Ground Station Setup: Installing  PC software for loading Arducopter32  firmware onto your VR brain board.
  4. Firmware: Loading.dfu firmware on your VR Brain board.
  5. Setup and Tuning: Establishing connection between RC setup and autopilot, configuring flight modes, enabling sensors, calibrating motor-controllers, verifying motor rotation and prop direction, verifying performance, and adjusting parameters (link to arducopter site).
  6. Planning a Mission: Introduction to Mission Planner, creating waypoints, and loading missions (link to arducopter site).
  7. Flying: Running a test flight, safe-skillful piloting tips, rules of the air, pre-flight checks, and emergency procedures (link to arducopter site).

Here you can find a VRBRAIN Guide in italian.

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