Firmware Upload

VRBRAIN5 – micro and standard

The VRBRAIN5 family now supports upload firmware via Mission Planner.

To enable the firmware uppload, you need to install drivers first.

Follow this link to download Windows drivers.

Once downloaded, double click on the .exe to unzip.

Choose a folder where you want to save them and once unzipped, go to unzipped folder VRuBrain_drivers_2.0.0.4 and run either DPInstx86.exe for 32bit Windows or DPInstx64.exe for 64bit windows.

Connect the USB cable to the board, open Mission Planner and:

Then go to “initial setup”:


“Install firmware”:


And select the firmware according to your set up (+ or x configuration will be defined later):


Wait for the firmware to install, and click ok if asked.

Once done, you can now click connect, and set up your board (radio cal, etc) using the setup and tuning page. Next time, you’ll just have to click connect and access setup.

Uploading a custom firmware

If you need to upload a custom firmware (such as for PWM support or for betas), click onto “Load custom firmware”, select either the .vrx or the .bin file and follow the instructions on the screen.

Follow video instruction for more info:


VRBRAIN 4.x without NuttX operating system.


To install firmware onto your VRBrain 4 and 4.5 autopilot board you need to have a .dfu file.

You can download .dfu file from download section.

Once you have downloaded .dfu file:

  • Disconnect the “Boot” Jumper located near the 10 pin connector.
    For VRBRAIN 4.x users see here.
    For VRuBRAIN users you will see a black jumper with BOOT written next to it.
    This puts your VRBrain in bootloader mode that means it will accept new firmware through the USB cable.
  • Connect the mini-USB cable to the board and in the PC.
  • If not already downloaded, download and install the DfuSe software here. Install the 32 or 64bit version depending on your operating system. If unsure install the 32bit version.
  • Open DfuSe Demonstration.

  • If the drivers are correctly installed you should see something like this:


  • Click on “Choose…” and select the .dfu file you just downloaded. Be sure you have selected the first row in the “Select Targets(s)”: 00 Internal Flash 12 Sectors…
  • Select “Upgrade” and click Yes. Now wait until the upload hase finished and Quit.

Congratulations! you have just updated the firmware on you VRBRain.. was that difficult?!? Naaaaaaa.


If on your pc the driver of dfu is not properly installed you can find the driver inside the DFUse program directory in section driver.

If you continue to have problem with driver installation and gps internal or external is connected try to disconnect the gps from serial port and retry.



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