Getting Started

The VR Brain autopilot controls the multicopter during flight using internal gyroscopes, accelerometers, and other electronic components. Flight missions are created using Mission Planner on your ground station and loaded onto the autopilot. Once the copter is placed in autonomous mode, the autopilot receives location data from the GPS module and executes the mission script. For safety, a radio control (RC) receiver is connected to the autopilot to allow for manual control using an RC transmitter.


Multicopter aircraft

For new users and basic missions, the Quad copter is the best option for simplicity and economy. The Hexa provides more stability than the Quad, plus increased payload capacity. While slightly less efficient than the Hexa, the Y6 is more stable, has a compact design great for front-mounted cameras, and offers in-flight redundancy to withstand a single motor failure.

RC Transmitter and Receiver


RC transmitter and receiver 6+ channel

You’ll need a radio control setup to manually control your copter and to activate its automatic modes. You can use any RC transmitter/receiver system with at least six channels.




Autopilot hardware with GPS module

Your copter’s autopilot determines its capabilities for autonomous flight. A GPS module is essential for providing the autopilot with location data that allows the autopilot to interact with the real world.



LiPo battery

LiPo batteries and charger

Your copter requires a rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery.




Ground Station with Mission Planner

Ground station with Mission Planner software

Configuring your missions is easy with Mission Planner: free, open-source software. You’ll need to install Mission Planner on a ground station computer. Using Mission Planner in the field makes changing your mission parameters fast and easy.



3DR Radio Telemetry Kit

Radio Telemetry

Radio Telemetry allows your autopilot to communicate with your ground station from the air using the Mavlink protocol. This allows you to interact with your missions in real time and receive streaming data from your copter.


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