New Firmware 3.2 in download section

Dear all, it’s been a while since last update, but things were going on, so we are finally proud to announce the new 3.2 firmware for all VRBRAIN 4.x users.

Last week, APM developers finally released the 3.2 version for APM:Copter.
This is a major release and sets a new milestone in the history of this firmware..
Because the new firmware is targeted to fast MCUs, it is now possible to appreciate all the goodies like EKF filter for navigation and stability, spline waypoints, smoother follow me and many security features.
This version is aimed for all VRBRAIN 4 and 4.5 boards that do not have an SD card reader.
For people using an SD card it is possible to install new firmware with NuttX operating system that will allow you to save logs on dataflash and use terrain data for future implementations.
To purchase an SD card expansion board you can follow this link, or build yourself one using this tutorial

These are the main release notes for this specific port:
  • Automatic external/internal compass recognition. No need to use a special firmware (not available for OCTA or OCTA-QUAD)
  • GPS port configurable via mission planner on 2 serial ports (internal connector or external connector near input rail). No need to upload a special firmware.
  • 8 PWM inputs, SBUS support with adapter cable, PPMSUM
  • Up to 12 outputs if using PPMSUM or SBUS
  • ALL automatic functions of the APM:Copter 3.2 (ROI, GUIDED,FOLLOW ME etc.)
  • EKF support. 
  • Logging on 2 Mbit high speed dataflash.
  • Future updates via mission planner
Known issues or not possible features:
  • Only one compass at a time (at the moment). You can either use the internal or external compass. You need to redo calibration and reconfiguration after compass change.
  • No multiple GPS supported (at the moment)
  • No multiple IMU supported
  • The use of external sensors such as OptFlow, Sonar, Airspeed etc. has not been tested.
  • No terrain following or infinite logs on SD card.
Please report any issues you may encounter in the install process or any question you may have on the new release.
Have fun and fly safe!

If you want to contribute or test latest revisions please follow the instructions on how to build and upload the code yourself.

For any special requests or to suggest improvements, please contact me at e.castelnuovo [at]

Have fun and fly safe!


The VirtualRobotix Team

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  1. raffaele says:

    Grazie del regalo emile funziona tutto!!!!

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